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Instructional Drum Videos

This is an explanation of the Rebound Stroke in conjunction with the grip. This is usually a starting point for all new students.


Upon mastering the grip and rebound stroke, the next important concept is an understanding of Levels. This provides to ability to play soft and loud and in particular to control accents. Here are some books that provide more indepth discussion of the subject:

The Level System by Jeff Johnson

It's Your Move by Dom Famularo

Sticking Patterns by Gary Chaffee


Demonstrating the use of Flam Taps, Swiss Army Triplets, Flam Taps within the context of a 7 note phrase.  You can try this by playing along to the tune Mixing by Airto. Here is a link to the exercise:


Tommy Igoe Lifetime Wamup Exercise. Intermediate Version. This is a great exercise for practing the essential rudiments.


Even and Triplet Open Rolls. A simple framework for deciding what type of roll to use for any given tempo. The objective being to have a smooth and contiguous roll. Here is a link to the exercise:



This is a Paradiddle Permutation Exercise. Here is a link to the exercise:



This is an explanation for counting the "Table of Time" from Joe Morello's book titled "Master Studies". I explain how to count the various sub-divisions. I also show how to make use of "PolyNome" which is an intelligent metronome. Here is a link to the exercise:

This is an exercise using only Paradiddles and Paradiddlediddles. Here is a link to the exercise:

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